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Conflicts on IRC, Bans and Kicks

mIRC does not maintain any IRC networks, servers or channels. If you are banned from a network or server, you will need to contact the administrators of that particular IRC network for help. If you have problems with a channel, you will need to ask the channel ops (the owners or administrators of the channel) to help you.

If you are having difficulty with using a nickname, again you will need to contact the administrators of that IRC network for help. Also note that nicknames cannot be owned on most IRC networks, so if the nickname you want is currently being used, you will need to use a different nickname.


A channel operator (ChanOp or Op) is someone with a "@" by their nickname in a channel's names list, or a "@" before the channel name in a /whois or /uwho output. Channel operators are the 'rulers' of a particluar channel. This means they can kick you out of their channel for any reason. They can kick and ban you even for fun. If you don't like this, you can complain to them or you can start your own channel and become a channel operator there yourself. There is nobody to help you if you have problems with a channel rule or channel operator.

Channel problems

There are, literally, millions of possible channel names, so if someone is behaving badly on your usual channel, just go to another channel. You can message them and ask them to leave, but you can normally not force them to leave if you do not have ops on the channel.

If you suddenly find yourself banned from a channel please remember that bans are often set with wildcards, such as *!*@*aol.com, due to someone from that address causing problems on the channel. This can affect all users from that address. Bans are usually only in place for a short period of time, so you should wait a while and try joining the channel again later.


An IRC operator (IRCop) or Server Admin is someone who maintains a server or part of an IRC network. They will not fix channel problems. They will not kick someone out of a channel for you. They also will not /kill (disconnect a user from their IRC server temporarily) someone just because you gave the offender channel operator privileges and said offender kicked you off. IRCops have better things to do than interfere in channel affairs.

IRC Ops can ban (k-line) people from their server, or even from an entire IRC network. This is done exactly like a ban on a channel, with wildcards. If a ban matches your address then you cannot use that server or network. If you feel this is unfair write a polite letter to the owners or administrators of that network and they might be able to help you.


If you are kicked or banned from a channel or network - even for no reason at all - there is, apart from the other channel or IRC ops, nobody you can complain to. Operators do not need to have a reason to kick you off. They decide what goes on, on their channel or network. Complaining either to IRC Operators or to the system administrators about being kicked or banned from a channel is very unlikely to help. IRC operators do not meddle with channel politics - that's the job of channel operators. Proper IRC netiquette is to keep IRC issues within IRC, because system admins have little time to deal with IRC issues and many would rather shut it down rather than deal with problems arising from it. If you should get banned or kicked from a channel, you are always free to start your own channel and decide what is appropriate there. Imagine channels as houses. The owner of the house can decide to share ownership and atmosphere with someone else and can decide to prevent others from entering their house. In your own house, you call the shots. Feel free to create your own channel and set up your own rules for it :-)