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Mirroring mIRC

mIRC is downloaded thousands of times per day by users from all over the world, so it's always greatly appreciated when someone offers to become a download mirror for mIRC. The more download mirrors we have, the more the load is distributed across all mirrors, allowing users to download mIRC reliably and quickly.

If you are thinking of becoming a download mirror for mIRC, please read the rest of this page carefully.

How can you help?

If you are an Internet or Hosting Provider, you can help us by providing space and bandwidth for distribution of mIRC on your servers.

Please remember that we can only use mirror hosts capable of distributing thousands of downloads per day reliably and consistently.

This means that we cannot use personal or company hosting accounts created by individuals. In the past, accounts very often disappeared suddenly when an account was terminated and/or moved to another provider.

mIRC distribution files need to be available 24 hours a day, every day, all year round.

Bandwidth and Resource usage

When a new version of a popular application like mIRC is released, hundreds of thousands of users will visit the mIRC download page over a period of a few days to download the new version of mIRC.

Are you prepared and able to withstand this load on your servers and uplink for several hours, maybe days, several times a year? Completely out-of-the-blue (we never announce releases up front)? And receiving virtually no recognition?

Of course, the more mirrors we have, the more the load is distributed. For example, currently each mirror is distributing around 4000 downloads per day. However, during a recent release of mIRC, this figure increased to 10000 downloads per day for some mirrors.

Please do not underestimate the impact of being an mIRC download mirror.

What do we expect?

If you still think you can help us, please create (and test) an ftp account for us where we can upload the mIRC distribution files, and then send the following account information details:

 Login:  mirc
 Upload dir:  
 Download URL:  
 Location:  Country, State, City
 Your name:  
 Your email address:  
 Backup contact name:  
 Backup email address:  
We use a script to upload new files automatically and expect the files to be available immediately after upload, without any human interaction, or post-processing, for all anonymous users.

Automatic mirroring?

Given the rush each new mIRC release causes all over the world, automatic mirroring of the files is not really an option. We need the files to be there the moment we announce the new release. Right after our script has finished uploading we check all mirrors for the files, inform all software archives of the new version and start the release announcement mailing list with about a million readers.

Still there? ;-)

If you have any other questions or a different offer, please contact us.