About mIRC


mIRC is the work of a small, privately owned software house, located in the heart of London in the United Kingdom. We have been developing and caring for mIRC for over a decade, with the support of users and volunteers from around the world.


If you enjoy using mIRC, or have a question about it, we would love to hear from you. You can find out how to contact us here.


A heartfelt thanks to the many people who have supported mIRC over the years and who have helped to make mIRC what it is today.


Thanks to ...


Tjerk Vonck for creating the first #mIRC channel, the original mIRC website, the mIRC and IRC FAQs, and so much more.


The Beta-testers for their hard work in catching bugs and suggesting features.


The Helpers on #mIRC, #irchelp, and other channels for helping out new users day after day.


The Scripters for creating useful scripts and add-ons for others to enjoy.


And to ...


Andrzej Kowalik, for contributing his work on the toolbar icons.


Jarkko Oikarinen, creator of IRC, and the many people after him who have continued the development of IRC.


Kevin Day, for coding and contributing various routines.


Nicolas Pioch for his short IRC primer, Ramji, Bibbly, Stimps, Mike, James G., Edward, Bunster for the queen-size futons, Peeg for the *bonk*s over the head, and Viv :)


M. Hunnibell, M. Overtoom, Mark "Too Slick" Hanson, Ron R., and Dan Lawrence for their technical help.


Richard "Budman" Jones, who designed and contributed the original mirc logo.