This feature looks for any text that looks like a URL or Email address in incoming messages and saves it for your future reference.


Enable catching for...

If this option is turned on mIRC will catch references to URLs and Emails and store them in the URLs list window.


mIRC looks for URLs beginning with "http://", "ftp://", "gopher://", "www.", and "ftp.". mIRC also checks to make sure addresses are not added to a list if they already exist. Addresses longer than 256 characters are ignored.


mIRC will also catch any text that looks like an email as long as the word "mail" is mentioned in the same line of text as the email address.


Chat links

These options enable or disable support for chat links, and allow you to specify whether you want a confirm dialog to be displayed whenever a chat link asks mIRC to connect to a server.


Web browser

When you open a URL, mIRC can optionally open a new browser window and activate it if required.


Place ? items at top

If this is checked then mIRC will place ? marked URLs at the top of the URL list, otherwise they will be placed at the bottom of the list.


Delete ? items on exit

To prevent your URL list getting too long you can choose to have all ? marked items deleted when you exit mIRC. Any items whose marker has been changed to something other than ? will remain in your list for future reference.


On Send

When sending URLs to a channel, query, etc. mIRC can send only the URL or both the URL and description.


Hint: You can click your right mouse-button in the URL window for a popup menu which provides various URL functions.