Channel Central


The channel central dialog allows you to set various channel modes if you are an Op on a channel. If you are not an Op you will not be able to change the channel modes and they will appear disabled.


You can find out more about channel modes in the Basic IRC Commands section.


Topic History

Lists the current topic, and the history of topic changes during your stay on a channel.


Bans List

This allows you to view, edit, or remove various types of mode settings, such as bans, exceptions, and invites. Most IRC networks support ban lists, however few support exception and invite lists currently.


Only Ops set topic

This allows only Ops on a channel to change the channel topic.


No external messages

This prevents users who are not on the channel from sending messages to the channel.


Invite only

This setting prevents users from joining the channel unless someone on the channel has specifically invited them using the /invite command, eg. /invite nickname #channel



This prevents users from speaking on a channel unless they have been given a voice on the channel by an Op. This feature allows you to moderate the channel for events such as interviews, etc.



This option allows you to set a password for the channel if you are an Op. Any user who wishes to join your channel will need to specify the password when joining, eg. /join #channel password


Limit to N users

This limits the number of people who can be on the channel at any one time to N people.



This prevents a channel from being listed in the channels list retrieved by the List Channels dialog.



This prevents a channel from being listed in the channels list and from being seen in a /who or /whois unless the person issuing the /whois is on that channel.


Note: The Events dialog for a channel can now be accessed via the System menu.