Channels List


The Channels List dialog allows you to retrieve the list of currently active channels. You can view this dialog by clicking on its button in the toolbar, through the Tools menu, or by typing key combination Alt+L.


Get List

This retrieves a list of all of the active channels from the IRC server. This list can be quite long and depending on your connection it might take several minutes to download. The IRC Server actually sends the whole list, regardless of the filters you specify. You will not be able to do anything on IRC until this retrieval has been completed.


mIRC allows you to specify different filenames for the channels list which can be useful if you regularly connect to different IRC networks.



This allows you to re-specify the list parameters without having to retrieve the whole list again from the IRC server. Just change the parameters and then click on apply to have them re-listed according to your new criteria.


Match text

You can enter several words (separated by spaces) which mIRC will look for in channel names. Only those channels which match any of the words you specify will be listed. If you leave this empty then all channels will be listed.


Match text in topics

If this is turned on then mIRC will apply the Match Text procedure to channel topics as well. So only channel topics that match any of the words in the Match text editbox will be listed.


Number of people on a channel

This allows you to limit the channels list to those channels which contain a number of people ranging between the specified minimum and maximum.



This allows you lock the Hide parameters with a password thus preventing anyone from changing the Hide settings. The same password must be used to unlock this.


Hide channels which match...

You can enter several words (separated by spaces) which mIRC will look for in both channel names and topics. Any channels which match any of these words will be excluded from the channels list.


Hide non-alphanumeric channels

This will filter out any channels that begin with characters that are not numbers or letters.


Hint: You can click your right mouse button in the Channels List window to pop up a menu with useful options.