Before you can connect to a server and start chatting you will need to enter the following information into the connect dialog.



Your nickname is the name by which other people will know you on IRC. There are many hundreds of thousands of people on IRC, so it is possible that someone might already be using the nickname you choose. If that is the case, you should choose a different nickname.


You can also enter an Alternative nickname which will be used if someone is already using your main nickname. If both nicknames are in use, mIRC inserts "/nick" into the status window edit box so that you can enter a new nickname and press the enter key.


Full Name

This is optional. Whatever you enter here is visible to other people on IRC. You should normally not enter your real name. Most people enter a comment.


Email Address

This is optional. You can enter your email address here if you wish.



This is the currently selected server that you will connect to when you click the Connect button. You can change the selected server in the Servers window.


The server that you choose is the most important factor in determining how quickly and easily you connect, so if it is taking a long time to connect to one IRC Server, choose a different one and try again.


Note: If you are having problems connecting to an IRC Server, see the Connection Issues section.


New Window

This option allows you to open a new server window so that you can connect to more than one server at a same time. Just check the new window checkbox and click the connect button. The checkbox setting is not remembered and will be turned off the next time you open the connect dialog. To open a new server window without connecting to a server, you can check the new window checkbox and then press the OK button.



Once you have filled in your details and selected a server, you can click the Connect button to connect to that server.


Hint: If you click your right mouse button on the connect toolbar button, a popup menu will appear that lists the most recently accessed IRC servers. If you press the shift key while selecting a server in the popup menu it will open in a new server window.