Example Script


The following example script shows you how you can place related aliases, popups, and events in a single file making it easier to distribute a whole script to other people.


;Moo Script v1.0 - contains moo related functions


;This menu definition adds a submenu to your channel popup menu


menu channel {


 .happily:/describe # moos happily

 .woefully:/describe # moos woefully

 .philosophically:/describe # MUs

 .colorfully:/describe # moos in several hues



;These add aliases for shortcuts to often used messages


alias how /msg $1 How now brown cow?

alias moo /sound moo.wav moooos


;This adds a ctcp command which reacts to a moo ctcp from someone


ctcp 1:moo:*:/notice $nick Sorry, I am all out of moos right now.


;These add events which react to specific words said on a channel


on 1:text:*moo*:#:/msg $chan okay, who let the cow loose?

on 1:text:*grass*:#:/describe $chan dribbles hungrily


;These add join and part events which react to a user joining/parting

;the channel #moo


on 1:join:#moo:{

 /msg $nick Welcome $nick to channel #moo!

 /msg $nick This is a herd-oriented channel, there are calfs present!

 /msg $nick Please refrain from profane mooing and/or bleating

 /msg $nick Mammals engaging in such acts will be promptly demooted



on 1:part:#moo:/msg $nick Thanks for grazing with us on #moo!


;The following line is processed while you are doing a channels list. It

;prints to the status window any channel name/topic that has the

;word moo in it


raw 322:*moo*:/echo -s $2-