Help Menu


The contents and search menu items in this menu allow you to reference the help file, and there are direct links to the mIRC website for the latest news and the message board.


The mIRC help menu also lists files ending in .hlp and .txt in the main mIRC folder for easy access, and makes aliases for each of the files listed in the help menu, the aliases being the name of the file excluding the extension.


For example, if you put a help file by the name of winsock.hlp in your mIRC directory, mIRC would add the winsock.hlp item to your help menu, and would make an alias /winsock. You can then type /winsock sometext and mIRC would do a context-sensitive search in that help file for the text you specified.


The check for updates feature checks with the mIRC website to see if there is a newer version of mIRC available.


The register item allows you to enter your registration into your copy of mIRC.