Prefix own messages

If this is selected, your nickname will prefix any messages you type in a channel/query/chat.


Show mode prefix

If turned on, mIRC will prefix nicknames in channel messages with their .@%+ mode on a channel.


Minimize query window

If someone sends you a query, the default is for the query window to open, ready for input. You can select this option to force mIRC to minimize the window preventing it from taking the focus from the window you are currently in.


Use single message window

This directs all private messages from other users to one single message window. You will need to use the /msg command to reply. If you want to open a query window to a user, use the /query window.


Note: You can press the Tab key while in the message window to cycle through the list of nicknames who have recently messaged you.


Use query for notify nicks

If the single message window option is enabled, and a user who is in your notify list messages you, mIRC will open a query for that nickname, over-riding the single message window option.


Copy messages to query

If you are talking to a user in the single message window and then decide to open a /query to the user, this copies the conversation you have had so far from the single message window to the query window.


Whois on query

Select this to have mIRC do a /whois nickname on any person that sends you a private message. The /whois will be done the first time the query window is opened.


Auto-join channel on invite

This will make you automatically join a channel when you are invited to it. mIRC will also try to minimize the window, however this might not always work.


Rejoin channel when kicked

If you are kicked from a channel, mIRC will immediately try to rejoin the same channel. It will not close the channel window unless it finds that you cannot rejoin the channel.


Rejoin channels on connect

If this switch is turned on, mIRC will automatically rejoin channel windows which are open when you reconnect to an IRC server after being disconnected.


Keep channels open

This will keep a channel window open even if you are disconnected from the server, or kicked from a channel.


Hide channel key

If this is turned on, mIRC will not display the channel key in the channel window titlebar.


Show invites in active window

If this setting is turned off then invite messages will appear in the status window.


Show queries in active window

Shows all queries in the active channel window instead of opening up a query window. However, if you are not in a channel window, a query window will be opened.


Show notices in active window

Shows all notices in the active window instead of in the status window.


Show whois in active window

Shows /whois results in the channel, query/chat, or custom windows if it is turned on and if a /whois is issued inside one of these windows, otherwise all /whois results are shown in the status window.


Show Ctcps in active window

Shows all Ctcp messages in the active window instead of the status window.


Show Away in active window

If you have a query window open to a user, their away message will be displayed in the query window if this option is enabled, otherwise it will be displayed in the status window.



The events dialog allows you to change the default display settings for channel-related events, such as joins, parts, etc. You can change the settings for individual channels via the System Menu of a channel window.