Long File Names With.Spaces In Them


The DCC protocol does not take into account the possibility of a filename containing spaces, so most if not all IRC clients will incorrectly interpret the following DCC Send message:


PRIVMSG nick :DCC SEND This is a long file name with.spaces in it ipaddress port filesize


The Fill Spaces option will make mIRC fill spaces in a filename with the underscore character _, which should then allow other clients to interpret the message correctly:


PRIVMSG nick :DCC SEND This_is_a_long_file_name_with.spaces_in_it ipaddress port filesize


If the Fill Spaces option is not selected, mIRC sends "Long File Names with.Spaces in them" enclosed in quotes. For example:


PRIVMSG nick :DCC SEND "This is a long file name with.spaces in it" ipaddress port filesize