mIRC Scripts


Scripts are short programs (sets of instructions) that can be used to automate tasks in mIRC. mIRC has its own scripting language which can be used to perform many different types of tasks, from managing your IRC channels to playing multi-user online games.


mIRC scripts can also be used to perform tasks that are not IRC-related, such as managing files on your computer, sending emails, or backing up your web server.


In order to write a script, you will need to learn the basics of the mIRC scripting language by reading through the mIRC Scripts sections step by step, trying out the examples, and experimenting.


To begin, you will need to know a handful of Basic IRC Commands and mIRC Commands. Commands are the instructions that tell mIRC what to do. Once you are comfortable with using commands, you can then take a look at the Aliases, Popups, and Remote sections. In order to write scripts, you will also need to learn how to use Variables and Identifiers.


mIRC scripting also supports a whole range of technical features, from processing binary files, calling COM objects, DLL support, creating Graphical windows, regular expressions, creating sockets for network communications, and hash tables, among others.


If you need help, or are looking for scripting examples or tutorials, you can find quite a few mIRC scripting websites on the internet, some of which are listed on the mIRC website.