Nick Colors


The Nick colors section allows you to assign colors to nicknames, which are then highlighted with their assigned colors in the channel nicknames list, and in any messages that those nicks send to channel or query windows.


Adding a Nick

The Add Nick dialog is far simpler than it appears. You must select a Nick color from the color listbox, and one other item in the Apply section.


For example, you could select the color red and enter a nickname in the Nick or Address editbox. This would highlight that specific nickname in the color red in the channel nickname listbox, and in messages that this user sends to channel or query windows.


The settings in the Apply section are cumulative. This means that if you enter a nickname, and enter a channel mode, only users matching this nickname and having this channel mode will be highlighted.


The nick color list uses the first match it finds for any event, so you must prioritize the order of the items in the list yourself.


Note: You can specify %vars or $identifiers as the nick.


Commands and Identifiers

The nick color list can be modified and referenced by using the /cnick command and the $cnick() identifier.


/cnick -rfaniovpylNmNsN [nick[!user@host]|on|off] [color] [modes] [levels]

This allows you to modify the items in the nick color list.


The r switch removes the specified nick or address from the list.


You can use /cnick -r nick/N to remove first item that matches nick in the nick color list or the Nth item in the nick color list.


To add or refer to an item as Any nick you can use the * character as the nick.


The f switch forces the addition of a new entry instead of updating an existing one.

The a switch sets the Any Mode option.

The n switch sets the No Mode option.

The iovpy switches set the ignore, op, voice, protect, and notify list options respectively.


The lN switch sets the idle time.

The mN switch sets the highlight method, 0, 1, or 2.

The sN switch sorts the item into the Nth position in the list.


The color item is the color you want to assign to the nick.

The modes item is the list of modes required for that item to match, eg. @%+

The levels item makes mIRC search your User List for a matching level and address.


Note: /cline over-rides the nick color list. You can use /cline -r to reset a nick to default color to make the nick color list apply to a nick.


$cnick(N/nick, M)

Returns Nth nick in nick color list, or if nick is specified returns Nth position of item in list that matches nick. If nick does not match any items, returns zero.


Properties: color, modes, levels, method, anymode, nomode, ignore, op, voice, protect, notify, idle


To get a nick's color, you can use $cnick(nick).color. If nick does not match any items in the list, returns 'Normal Text' color, or if M = 1, returns 'Listbox text" color. M is optional.