Notify List


The notify list is like a buddy list, it notifies you when someone in your list comes on or leaves the IRC network that you are on.


The notify list works differently depending on the IRC network you are using. On some networks the notify list is updated once every minute or so, while on other networks it is updated immediately.


Adding a User

To add a user you can open the Address Book, select the Notify tab, press the Add button, and enter the following information.



The nickname of a user that you want notify to look for.



An optional note or reminder that will appear next to the users nickname.


Play sounds

The sounds that you want played when the user joins or leaves IRC.


Perform /whois

This option makes mIRC perform a /whois on the user when they join IRC to look up their address. You should only use this option if you really need to, if you use it with too many nicknames then the IRC server might disconnect you for flooding.



To add or delete users from the list. After you make a change to the settings of an existing user, you must click the Update button.


Notify display options


Pop up notify window on connect

This will pop up the notify list window when you connect to an irc server.


Show notifies only in notify window

This will make mIRC display notifies only in the notify window.


Show notifies in active window

The default is to show notifies in the status window, however checking this option will also show notifications in the current active window.


Display address and time

On IRC networks that support this feature, mIRC will display the nicknames address and time online.


The /notify command

You can also add/remove nicknames from the notify list by using the /notify command.


/notify [-shrln] <on|off|nickname> [network|address] [note]


You can turn notify on and off by typing /notify on or off respectively.


The -sh switches can be used to show or hide the notify list window respectively


The -r switch removes the specified nickname from your notify list.


The -l switch displays your notify list.


The -n switch indicates that the network or server address has been specified.


The note is optional and allows you to specify a little note for each nickname.


If you prefix a nickname with a + sign then mIRC will do a /whois on the nickname as part of the notify. However, if you do this on too many nicknames then the IRC server might disconnect you for flooding, so it is best to use it only if you really need to.


You can manually force mIRC to update the notify list by typing /notify with no parameters.


Note: Some IRC networks might let you use a full address instead of just a nickname, the only way to see if it works is to try it out.