The on ACTIVE and on APPACTIVE events trigger when a window in mIRC is activated or when its active status changes.


Format:        on <level>:ACTIVE:<*#?=!@>:<commands>

Example:        on 1:ACTIVE:#mirc:/echo Channel window #mIRC has been activated




on 1:ACTIVE:*:echo Activated: $active De-Activated: $lactive


The above event triggers whenever a window in mIRC is activated. The $active identifier returns the name of the currently active window, and the $lactive identifier returns the name of the window that was just de-activated. You can also use the $activecid and $lactivecid, see the Multi-Server section for more information.


Note: It is possible for either or both $active and $lactive to return $null.


on 1:APPACTIVE:echo mIRC active status: $appactive


The above event triggers when the active status has changed. The $appactive identifier returns $true if mIRC is active, or $false if it is not.