on DNS


The on DNS event triggers when a /dns query either succeeds or fails.


Format:        on <level>:DNS:<commands>

Example:        on 1:DNS:/notice $me Resolved: $raddress




on 1:DNS:{

 var %n = $dns(0)

 echo 4 Found %n addresses

 while (%n > 0) {

   echo 4 dns: $dns(%n) nick: $dns(%n).nick addr: $dns(%n).addr ip: $dns(%n).ip

   dec %n




Note: This event is also triggered if you try to /dns a nickname, and the nickname is not on IRC.


The $dns(N) identifier

This identifier can be used only in the on DNS event, and returns the address that was resolved and any associated IP addresses.


Properties: nick, addr, ip


$dns(N) without a property returns the address being resolved.


You can use N = 0 to return the number of addresses found.


You can use $dns(0).nick/addr/ip to reference properties if an address could not be resolved.