The on HOTLINK event triggers when you move your mouse over a specific word in a line of text in a window.


Format:        on <level>:HOTLINK:<matchtext>:<*#?=!@>:<commands>




This event works somewhat differently from other events, and is best explained with an example:


on ^1:HOTLINK:*help*:#:{

 if ($1 == helpme) return




on 1:HOTLINK:*:*:echo clicked word $1 in line $hotline $hotlinepos


The first ^ event is triggered when you move your mouse over a word that matches *help* in a channel window. You can then check $1 to see if you want the hotlink hand to appear over the word. If you halt the event, no hand will appear. This allows you to filter a word based on context.


The $hotline identifier returns the full line which contained the hotlink trigger.


The $hotlinepos identifier returns the line number and word position of the trigger.


The ^ event also triggers on a right-click. You can use $mouse.key to check if the right mouse button is pressed.


The second non-^ event is triggered when you double-click on a word which has been filtered through the first hotlink event.


Note: The script for hotlink events should be as small and as fast as possible since the event triggers each time the mouse is moved over a word.