Raw Events


The raw event allows you to process numeric server messages that are identified only by a number, and non-numeric server messages which mIRC does not recognize internally.


There are a large number of raw events, far too many to go into here, so it is recommended that you check out the mIRC website for technical information. The document you are looking for is called RFC1459. There is also a numerics help file available which is more up-to-date than this document.


Filtering and handling raw messages can be very time-consuming because of the large number of messages that a server can send, so you should try to make sure that your scripts process this information as quickly as possible. The format of the raw event definition is:


raw <numeric>:<matchtext>:<commands>




The following script filters out the channels list numeric when you use the /list command.


raw 322:*mirc*:/echo 5 raw $numeric : $1-


The above script matches numeric 322 which is the channels /list numeric and if the line returned by this numeric has the word mirc in it, it is printed out in the status window.


You can process non-numeric server messages by specifying the name of the event:


raw PROP:*mirc*:/echo 5 raw $event : $1-


Note: You can prevent most raw server messages from printing out their default text by using the /halt command.