Enable sounds

This enables or disables the playing of all sounds in mIRC.


On Event, play sound...

This allows you to associate sounds with specific events, eg. for the disconnect event, if you are disconnected by the server without having typed /quit or selected the disconnect menu item, then mIRC will beep or play the specified sound to indicate that you are no longer connected to IRC.


Beep on message...

This makes mIRC beep whenever a message is sent to a channel, query, or dcc chat window that is not currently the active window or while you are scrolling back through the buffer.


Event beep

Sets the number of event beeps that are played on an event, as well as the millisecond delay. To turn off notification all together, specify zero beeps.


Use internal beep

Makes mIRC use its own internal beep sound for events instead of the default windows sound.