Tips are text balloons that pop up near the Windows tray to notify you of various events such as incoming messages or users in your notify list coming on or leaving IRC. Tips only appear when mIRC is not the active application and are hidden the moment mIRC becomes active.



Tips can be enabled for channel, private, and other events.


Queue Size

This setting limits the maximum number of queued tips. If a new tip is added to the queue while the queue is full, the oldest tip is removed. New tips are queued until older tips time-out. Tips time-out at a slower rate if they are not at the head of the queue.


Display Time

Each tip is displayed for at least the number of seconds specified in the tips dialog. For tips with long messages, display time is automatically extended based on the size of the message.


Hide tips when full screen application is active

Tips can be set to be hidden whenever a full screen application becomes active. This applies to both game and non-game applications.


Tips Commands and Identifiers


/tips [on|off]

Turns tips on or off.



Returns $true or $false depending on whether tips are on or off.



Allows you to create scripted tips that are independent of normal tip events. Returns Nth position of tip if it was successfully created, zero if not.


name - name of the tip

title - title

text - text

delay - from 3 to 60 seconds

iconfn - icon filename

iconpos - icon position in filename

alias - alias to perform when tip is double-clicked

wid - id of window to which tip belongs


name, title, text are required.

delay, iconfn, iconpos, alias, and wid can be $null.



Returns properties for the specified tip.


Properties: name, title, text, delay, iconfn, iconpos, alias, wid


/tip <-ct> <name/N> [text]

Manipulates an existing tip, where -c closes the tip and -t changes the text of the tip.


Other features

Right-clicking in a tip pauses the time-out for all tips.


Left-clicking in a tip while pressing the shift key closes that tip.


Double-clicking in a tip triggers the alias if one is defined, or opens the associated window if not.


A tip automatically fits the text into it and will at most widen to quarter of your screen width.


If window id is not specified, the tip belongs to the status window of the currently active connection.


A tip is closed if the window it belongs to is made active or is closed or if mIRC is made active and the tip belongs to an MDI window. This does not apply if you are using $tip() to create and manage your own tips.


The Highlight dialog in the Address Book also supports tips.