Always show mIRC icon in tray

Turning this option on makes mIRC always display an mIRC icon in the tray, even when it is not minimized.


On startup minimize mIRC to tray

This option makes mIRC automatically minimize to the tray when it is first run.


Place mIRC in tray when minimized

If this option is turned on, the mIRC window is hidden when you minimize mIRC, and a small mIRC icon appears in the tray.


If this option is turned off, you can force mIRC to minimize to the tray by holding down the Shift key when you minimize mIRC.


If you hold down the Shift key when you quit mIRC, the next time you run it, it will be minimized.


If you right-click on the mIRC icon in the tray, a popup menu listing your current channels/queries appears; those that have a check mark next to them have had their icons highlighted due to incoming messages. You can click a menu item to open the window.


If you double-click on the mIRC tray Icon and mIRC is the active window, it will be minimized, if it is already minimized, it will be restored.


Animate icon when there is activity

This option animates the mIRC tray icon by flashing the letters in the icon when there is activity, and by turning the icon purple when it is connected, as well as showing a revolving planet when trying to connect to an IRC Server.


Single click on tray icon to open

By default mIRC requires you to double-click on the tray icon to open and close the mIRC window. This option allows you to open and close mIRC with a single click on the tray icon instead.


Location and name of icon to use in tray

This allows you to specify a different icon in place of the standard mIRC icon in the tray.


/tray -iNmNsNtNaN <filename>

This command changes the mIRC Tray icon to the Nth icon in the specified file (which might be an .exe, .dll, or .ico).


The -msta switches enable or disable the tray settings in the Options dialog, where N is 0 or 1.


Note: The animate icon option cannot work if you have selected a custom icon.