Drag Drop


The Drag Drop feature allows you to pick up files from other programs eg. a file manager, and drop them on either Message or Channel windows. Depending on the type of file you drop onto a window, a different action will be performed according to the commands you have defined for that file type.


You can define different actions for different types of files by associating a command with a file ending.


For example, if you wanted to mIRC to read a text file to another user whenever you drop files ending in .txt then you might make an association such as:


*.txt:/play $1 $2-


In this case, $1 stands for the name of the user or channel where the file has been dropped, and $2- stands for the name of the file that was dropped. The /play command would send each line in the specified text file to the user.


You can also have different aliases executed for the same file type depending on whether you hold down the shift key or not when you drop the file.


Currently the default settings for dropping files with no shift key pressed are:


*.wav:/sound $1 $2-

*.*:/dcc send $1 $2-


Which means that if you drop a Wave file, it will be played with the /sound command, and if you drop any other type of file it will initiate a dcc send to that user.


The default settings for dropping files with the shift key held down are:


*.*:/dcc send $1 $2-


Which is the same as above, initiating a dcc send to the active user.


Note: If you drop a file which has a space in it, it is enclosed in "" quotes.