Nick and Address Identifiers



Searches the Internal Address List for the address associated with the specified nickname. You must read about the IAL before you use this identifier.


$address(nick,1)  returns *!*user@host


If the Internal Address List does not contain a matching nickname, the identifier returns $null.


See $mask() for a list of types.



Returns your alternate nickname.



Returns the names of channels which both you and nick are on.


Properties: op, help, voice


$comchan(nick,0)                returns the total number of common channels

$comchan(nick,1)                returns the first common channel name

$comchan(nick,1).op        returns $true if you are an op on the channel



Returns $true or $false depending on whether the IAL is on or off.



Returns the Nth address matching mask in the IAL.



Returns the Nth address on the specified channel matching mask in the IAL.


Properties: pnick






Returns Nth item in the internal ban/exception/invite/quiet list, or if N is 0 returns total number of items in that list.


Properties: by, date, ctime


$ibl(#mirc,1)        returns the first address in the ban list

$ibl(#mirc,1).by        returns the address of the user who set the ban

$ibl(#mirc,1).date        returns the date when the user set the ban

$ibl(#mirc,1).ctime        returns $ctime format for ban date


Note: See $chan() for more information.



Finds a matching address in the remote users list and returns its corresponding levels list.


$level(*!*  returns =5,10,20,21,32



Returns the Nth item listed in the server Links window.


Properties: addr, ip, level, info


$link(0)  returns the total number of links in the links window

$link(1)  returns the Nth server address in the links window



Returns address with a mask specified by type.


$mask(nick!,1)  returns *!*

$mask(nick!,2)  returns *!*


The available types are:


 0: *!user@host

 1: *!*user@host

 2: *!*@host

 3: *!*user@*.host

 4: *!*@*.host

 5: nick!user@host

 6: nick!*user@host

 7: nick!*@host

 8: nick!*user@*.host

 9: nick!*@*.host


You can also specify a type of 10 to 19 which correspond to masks 0 to 9, but instead of using a * wildcard to replace portions of the host, mIRC uses ? wildcards to replace the numbers in the address.


This standard set of masks is also used in other identifiers and commands.



Returns your current nickname.



Returns your main nickname.



Returns Nth nickname in the channels nickname listbox on channel #.


Properties: color, pnick, idle


$nick(#mIRC,0)  returns the total number of nicknames on #mIRC

$nick(#mIRC,1)  returns the 1st nickname on #mIRC


Both aohvr parameters are optional. The first specifies which nicks you would like included, and the second specifies the nicks you would like excluded, where:


  a = all nicks, o = ops, h = halfops, v = voiced, r = regular


$nick(#mIRC,1,o)  return the first op on #mIRC

$nick(#mIRC,0,a,o)  return the total number of nicks not including ops on #mIRC


The pnick property returns the nickname in a .@%+nick format.


The idle property returns the time the user has been idle on the specified channel, ie. the time since the user last sent a message to the channel.


Note: See the $prefix identifier for more information.



Returns the channel nickname modes supported by the current server.



Returns $true or $false depending on whether the notify list is on or off.



Returns the Nth nickname in your Notify list.


Properties: ison, note, sound, whois, addr, network


$notify(0)        returns the number of nicknames in your notify list.

$notify(3)        returns the 3rd nickname in your notify list.

$notify(3).ison        returns $true if this user is on IRC, $false if not.

$notify(goat)        returns the Nth position of nickname goat in the notify list



Returns a string of the currently selected nicknames in the active channel listbox in the form:





Returns the Nth selected nickname in the channel listbox on channel #.


$snick(#mIRC,0)    returns the total number of selected nicknames on #mIRC

$snick(#mIRC,1)    returns the 1st selected nickname on #mIRC


Note: If the N parameter is not specified, it returns a line containing all selected nicknames.



Returns the currently selected nickname in the notify list box.



Returns the Nth item in the dcc trust list, or if N is 0 returns total number of items in list.