Command Prefix

The default standard prefix to a command is a / character, however you can specify another character if the / key is hard to access on your keyboard. Regardless of the character you choose here, mIRC still recognizes the / character and uses it internally.


Window buffer

This limits the scrollback buffer to the specified number of lines. Note that if a scrollback buffer already contains more than the specified number of lines it will be shortened. You can always use the /clear command in a window to clear the scrollback buffer completely. If you are scrolling back through the buffer, lines will not be removed until you return to the bottom of the buffer.


Line separator

You can specify a line separator to be used in the status window. You can use a space to have a blank line. If you leave the box empty, lines in the status window will not be separated.




When closing status window, confirm if...

Pops up a confirmation dialog if you try to close a status window, if any of the checked items apply.


When closing mIRC, confirm if...

Pops up a confirmation dialog asking you if you would like to close mIRC, if any of the checked items apply.


Confirm toolbar disconnect...

Requires you to press the toolbar disconnect button twice to disconnect from a server.


Confirm when pasting more than...

Pops up a dialog asking if you really intended to paste the specified number of lines.


Confirm when using a command...

Pops up a dialog asking if you really intended to run a command or script.




Alt+Z closes active window

This allows you to close the currently active window with Alt+Z.


Control key enables mark/copy

If this is turned on, the control key needs to be pressed to enable mark/copy of text in a window.


Control+K pops up color index

If this is turned on, a color index dialog will pop up when you press Control+K in an editbox to insert a control code.


Control+Tab uses switchbar order

This changes the normal Control+Tab behaviour when switching windows so that it follows the current window order on the switchbar.


ESCape key minimizes window

To make a window minimize whenever you press the ESCape key, enable this option.


Shift key enables hotlinks

By default, when you move the mouse over an address/nickname/channel/etc. the mouse turns into a hotlink pointer. By turning this option on, the hotlink will only appear if you have the shift key pressed.


Shift key enables right-click on titlebar

If turned on, you have to hold down the shift key when you click your right mouse button on a window titlebar to open/close the window.


Right-click in listbox selects line

If turned on, this feature makes mIRC select the line under the mouse when you right-click in a listbox.


Tab key changes editbox focus

This switches the focus to the next editbox or listbox in a channel window if it is pressed in an empty editbox or if the cursor is not next to a word. If enabled, you need to use Shift-Tab instead of Tab to cycle between the list of nicks that messaged you.



This allows you to change the DDE Server settings.


Enable SendMessage Server

This enables or disables support for receiving SendMessage messages.


Check for updates

If enabled, mIRC will check for and notify you of any new versions of mIRC.