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Tjerk Vonck, mIRC webmaster

Tjerk Vonck I guess it's about time for me to climb on the soapbox? But since I doubt the world out there is waiting for another personal website I'll keep this very brief :-)

That's me, living in Holland (no, not in Amsterdam), an mIRC user, beta-tester, FAQ maintainer, web keeper, creator of the first ever #mIRC channel, and trout-slapper since the early days of mIRC in February, 1995. Don't ask me why, but I fell in love with mIRC the very first moment I saw it. It was simple to use, had a good set of features, and did what it was meant to do: give me a good time, chatting.

How can I help you?

Yes, you can ask me whatever questions you want about mIRC and IRC. However, I am not too eager to reply to the same questions again and again, so I will first filter you through a little self-help, if that's okay.

I assume you have already read the IRC Intro and the mIRC FAQ? Of course you have! And did you read Khaled's personal FAQ? Together these FAQs answer almost everything you would want to know about mIRC and IRC.

Do you have an updated list of IRC servers for your network? Great, it takes quite a lot of work to keep the mIRC servers list updated, so your help is appreciated. Please read through the guidelines to find out how to submit your list of servers.

Would you be willing to provide an FTP account to mirror the mIRC install files? We spread the load across a number of mirrors and it is always helpful to have more. Please read our mirroring mIRC page if you think you can provide some bandwidth.

Do you have a question about or comment on the website? Or did you find an outdated link or page? Please let me know, with the exact location of the erroneous page and a description of the problem I should look into.

So, you passed by all traps? Your answer wasn't in any FAQ or Help file? The gods of #irchelp failed and #mIRC is baffled? Then amaze me with your questions and/or remarks by emailing me at tjerk@mirc.com. I will reply as soon as I can.