Address Book


The Address Book can be used to store various types of information about users. It can be accessed via the Tools menu, the  toolbar or by pressing Alt+B.



The Address section allows you to store basic information about users on IRC.



Nickname on IRC. Information in the Address Book is stored according to nickname.


Real Name

Real name.



Email address. If you click on the Email button, mIRC will start up your email software.



Website address. If you click on the View button, mIRC will start up your web browser.


IP Address

IP Address. If you click the Chat button, mIRC will initiate a DCC Chat directly to this user's DCC Server instead of using the IRC Server.


Note: A user may not always have the same IP Address.


The address book dialog can also be opened by using the command:


/abook -wnclh [nickname]


where the -wnclh switches open the whois, notify, control, colors, and highlight tabs.



Notes. You can enter various notes about a user.



If a user sends you their picture, you can associate it with their nickname in the address book.



The Info section displays the result of the /uwho command which looks up information for a user on IRC. The format of the /uwho command is:


/uwho [nick] [nick]


This performs a /whois on the specified nickname to look up their server information and then displays it in the info section of the address book. Because of the way IRC Servers work, you may need to specify the nickname a second time in order to look up information such as idle time or the away message, however this information usually takes longer to retrieve.


Note: The address shown in the Info dialog may not be an email address, it is mainly an indication of the user's internet provider.



The Notify list is a buddy list, it notifies you when a nickname is on IRC.



The Control list performs functions related to channel and user control.



The Nick Colors list allows you to assign colors to nicknames.



The Highlight list allows you to assign colors to messages.