Display Options


mIRC titlebar

This allows you to specify text that will be shown in the mIRC title bar.


Line spacing

This allows you to set the default line-spacing for messages in channels and chat windows.


Note: You can change the line-spacing for individual windows via the System Menu.


Editbox lines

This option allows you to choose between using a single-line editbox, a multi-line editbox which is two lines in height, and an automatic editbox, which dynamically changes height, up to the half  the height of the window, to show all of the lines you have typed in.


Hint: If you type / into an editbox and press the enter key, it will show the last line you entered in that editbox. If you type /! it will show the last line you typed in the last window you were in.



When you minimize a channel or query window, or make it inactive, the line marker shows you where new messages have arrived since you last looked in the window. This allows you to scroll back and easily see which messages you have missed. You can press Control+L to scroll back to view the line marker. The line marker is only updated after you have scrolled back to view it.



Allows you to change the appearance of mIRC in various ways.



Allows you to change the Tips settings.



Allows you to change the Tray settings.



Allows to you to make specific windows open as desktop windows, ie. outside of the main mIRC window. This means you can keep specific windows open on the desktop and keep mIRC minimized at the same time.


You can also enable transparency for any mIRC windows that you place on the desktop.


If hide desktop windows when minimized is enabled, you can hold down the shift key when minimizing to prevent the window from being hidden.